Typical casino comp program FAQ's

Typical casino “comp” program FAQ’s

Q. How do I qualify for comps?

A. Based on your play as a green or black chip player, you are entitled to complementary rooms, food or beverage or all three. All casinos have a basic formula to calculate the amount of comps you are eligible for. This formula is based on hours played and the average bet. Although these are not the only elements, they are the most important.

Q. How many hours do I have to play to get comped?

A. The normal time is 4 hours per day at an average bet of at least $100. However, each casino has its own standard. For example a first class casino such as The Venetian or Wynns may require a higher average bet per hour than a smaller casino such as The Golden Nugget or Paris.

Q. Can you book me into any casino?

A. Yes, we act as an independent rep and can book you into most casinos. If you are an established player most casinos welcome your business. However, a first time player will have his comps based on the results of the first trip.

The Formula

The casinos measure your complimentary worth based on three factors:

  • Your average bet
  • The Amount of time you’ve played (Usually a minimum requirement ranging from 2 to 4 hours per day depending on point 1 above)
  • The game you play (Each game has a factor)

For example, if you play blackjack for 4 hours at a $25 minimum table and your average bet for the 4 hours is $50, the following formula would determine how much you get back in freebies:

$50 X 4 X 1.75 = 350 (Theoretical)

Based on the theoretical, a casino pays back anywhere from 20% to 40% of that number in complimentarys such as free rooms, limo service, fine gourmet dining, show tickets, etc. Avoid the ones who don’t do at least 30%, these casinos are likely not the ones you want to spend your time or gaming dollar in. The player above would be eligible for $70 to $140 worth of comps.