Welcome to ProAthletes Celebrity Services where our professional team understands the unique needs of the Professional Athletic World and Celebrity Lifestyles. Our clients are treated with red carpet care and confidentiality.
P.A.C.S. has carefully chosen industry specific affiliates to handle your needs in life as well as the game. Internationally known and connected we can handle your needs inside the league and transition you to "Life After League". Much like the game, we welcome any challenge to make you feel like the extraordinary winner you are.
Management, life coaching, personal care, travel, real estate investments, and other industry related needs. We can connect you just where you need to be. P.A.C.S. was designed by an exclusive team that understands the importance of immediate needs with the Elite.
Comprised of Entrepreneurial Guru’s: Missy Echeverria , CEO and Founder of P.A.C.S.; born into the world of sports and entertainment, having an extensive background of the game and the life style of the celebrity. Missy has transitioned countless athletes into a financial & cognitive sustainability with her "Life After League" coaching skills and connections. Additionally, she's helped many industry clients relocate and invest in the International Real Estate market. Missy has learned and perfected the emotional and financial needs of her clients through proper safe and turn-key investments. Patrick Johnson , former NFL Super Bowl Champ and gaming expert. Dewitt Lacy , attorney at law specializing in civil rights, criminal law and is P.A.C.S. general counsel. Jennifer Taylor , head of International Affairs.
Together we make sure our client's needs are met with experienced team members on hand. Missy has put together a legal team, real estate investments, mentoring, relocation, events, personal needs and so much more. Here is where extraordinary results begin.
Missy Echeverria – CEO and Founder of P.A.C.S.
Jennifer Taylor – Head of International Affairs / Event Coordinator
Patrick J. Johnson – former NFL Super Bowl Champ / Gaming Expert
Kevin Daley – Ambassador of Good Will