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We give personalized service and want to ensure all your requirements as a player are met. In order to do this you will need to email us at with your trip dates and preferred casino. We will contact you to get the rest of the details. You can also fill out the registration form on our Player Registration page to get the maximum comp benefits out of your trip.

Remember, as your host we will book your room, set up your credit line (or front money), arrange your limo airport pickup and even get you the best seats at some of the most popular shows and concerts. We can also provide you VIP entrance to some of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas. All this at no charge to you…..all you need to be is a qualified player.

There are numerous Blackjack and Slot tournaments and other exciting gaming events every month. Please contact PACS for more information. As a registered player with PACS, you will receive newsletters and information on upcoming events and junkets as we received them.