Missy Echeverria – CEO and Founder of P.A.C.S.

Missy Echeverria is LIFE COACH and motivational speaker, known as a “Serial Entrepreneur”. Known for her creative and savvy contracts in Real Estate, experiences with Celebrity Concierge, Events of all magnitudes and confidentiality, she has become sought after by many top professional Athletes and International Super Stars.

Sports, Real Estate, Events, Investment opportunities, connections or advice of any kind, Missy is here to help. Based in the U.S. yet networking worldwide. Missy has been and remains an asset to the Celebrity and Athletic World. She has dedicated decades in pairing with companies and people to benefit the Celebrity and Athletic Industry needs.

Missy has first hand experience in both the celebrity and athletic world. Growing up youngest of 11, 9 brothers and 1 sister. Missy grew up as the Matriarch of the family. Constantly competing with her brothers in every aspect of life she quickly became the one to follow. At 17 starting her own business and handling her brother’s investments, the athletes around her soon watched her grow into a fearless businesswoman.

Demonstrating her innovative spirit and entrepreneurial nature at a very early age, she became a model, designer, poet and owned her own clothing stores. Now Missy owns a sports company, real estate brand, and travels Nationwide as a motivational speaker and life coach.

Missy finds great satisfaction in protecting her clients, friends and family. She is now expanding her services Internationally to guide and help others in all possible needs of their professional and personal life.

When asked about her greatest achievement in life, without hesitation Missy mentions her two children she raised on her own. “They are mini-me’s. I see myself in both of them and believe they’re destined for greatness.”

Missy’s so proud of her children and thanks God everyday that she has them. Although single and loving life, she’ll always remember the importance of the family bond. She supports and guides her clients the very same way.